This is a collection of my work with links to the progress posts (and photos) for each piece. Completed projects display a photo of the finished piece here; incomplete projects do not, hence 'work in progress'.

 Surface Embroidery
 Antique Society Silk Violets
 Elizabethan Window
 SFSNAD Challenge
  Margaret Cobleigh
 Pea Green Clutch Bag
  Ann's Orchard
 Under the Silver Birch
  Jo Butcher
  Canevas Folies
 Thread Painting / Needlepainting
  Trish Burr
  Catherine Laurençon
 Bluebird and Blossoms
  Trish Burr
 Robin on Blossom Branch
  Tanja Berlin
 Wild Rabbit
  Tanja Berlin
 Enchanted April
  JCA/Elsa Williams
 Burgundy Rosebuds
  Trish Burr
 Victorian Pansies
  Trish Burr
 French Rose
  Trish Burr
 Burgundy Iceberg Rose
  Trish Burr
 Summer Flowers Table Runner
 Goldwork / Metal Thread Embroidery
 Goldwork Pansy
  Royal School of Needlework
 Goldwork Rose
  Royal School of Needlework
 Crewel Spray
  Carol Algie Higginbotham
 Crewel Sampler
  Elsa Williams
 Bead Embroidery
 Rare Vintage
  Liz Vickery
 Wild Child
  Mary Alice Sinton