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18 August 2017

Out of Time

The deadline for submissions to the Summer of Love challenge was Tuesday. I stitched and stitched and stitched, but was unable to finish in time to meet the deadline.

I'm extremely disappointed...and exhausted. I think I stitched for 8 hours on more than one day over the past extended weekend. (I stitched everyday from Friday through Tuesday.) The piece is nearly finished, but not done. I am frustrated, but here are some colourful pictures which make me feel better.

The pink flower is one of four big flowers on the design. The photo's a bit deceptive. This is the largest of the big flowers and took many hours to stitch.

Here are the previously-seen grey daisies joined by some colourful friends.

SFSNAD Flower Power Challenge: Grey embroidered daisies along with coloured flowers

One of the things that made progress take so long was that I am mostly stitching on shapes rather than lines. I won't do that again. There simply isn't enough contrast between the lighter colours of the printed pattern and the fabric so it takes forever to embroider. (Even the darker shapes are difficult to stitch.) In the photo below the edges on the grey daisy shape seem like they might not be too difficult to see, but no matter how much light or magnification I use the edges manage to disappear as I'm stitching. They don't literally disappear, it just seems that way.

Lines are better!

SFSNAD Flower Power Challenge: Unstitched elements

This is the smallest of the big flowers. There are 5 rows of shading on this motif. It took quite a while to stitch.

SFSNAD Flower Power Challenge: Bright green thread painted daisy

The final big flower.

SFSNAD Flower Power Challenge: Bold blue thread painted daisy

I'm taking a break from this project. I'm going to work on something less-demanding and, at this point, more pleasurable. I'll finish the challenge piece fairly soon because, if for no other reason, it's taking up a lot of my work table...but not this weekend.

One advantage to not having to work towards a deadline is that I can finally think about what I'm doing. Although the colour plan is somewhat worked out, not all of it was pre-planned. At times I've felt like I've been throwing colour at it to see what happens. Slowing down will be good!


  1. I'm sorry the deadline passed before you were able to finish. ☹️ Doing good needlework does take sacrifice. 😉 It's looking great though. Looking forward to seeing it in person. 😄

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, due to the hurry involved and other issues I wouldn't classify the stitching as 'good needlework'. The lack of quality of the work is yet another frustrating aspect of this project. I still like the design, though, which will impel me to finish.