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25 May 2018

Une Capucine Magnifique

The Catherine Laurençon project Capucines is done. It's gorgeous...and so lively!

Thread painted embroidered nasturtiums detail. (Catherine Laurencon Capucines (Inspirations))

There's not much to say about the stitching. It's the same process as I've detailed in previous posts. I'll let the photos do most of the talking.

The last time I shared this project I was working on the third of five petals. By the way, the petals are numbered differently in the instructions. My numbering is the order in which I stitched them. Here's petal three completed (lower petal):

Three petals of main thread painted nasturtium complete. (Catherine Laurencon Capucines (Inspirations))

Petal four:

Fourth thread painted nasturtium petal completed. (Catherine Laurencon Capucines (Inspirations))

My lovely little supervisor (she just had her first birthday):

Siamese kitten helper with thread painted nasturtiums. (Catherine Laurencon Capucines (Inspirations))

Petal five (first 'row'):

Embroidering the last thread painted nasturtium petal. (Catherine Laurencon Capucines (Inspirations))

Petal five (second 'row'):

Fifth and final petal on thread painted nasturtium nearly complete. (Catherine Laurencon Capucines (Inspirations))

Supervising is exhausting (or boring?):

After a few last tweaks and tying off a lot of parked threads, it is done!

Completed embroidery of thread painted nasturtiums. (Catherine Laurencon Capucines (Inspirations))

Here are a couple of extra images because I like them!

Detail of thread painted nasturtium. (Catherine Laurencon Capucines (Inspirations))

The garden nasturtiums are still going strong.

Finished thread painted nasturtiums surrounded by real nasturtiums. (Catherine Laurencon Capucines (Inspirations))

I really didn't know how the various elements of this design would turn out. The instructions were light on detail, and there weren't a lot of  progress photos in the magazine (Inspirations 93). I understand that the magazine only has so much room so this is not a criticism, it's reality.

It's all OK, though. It was good to just take some skeins of floss and see what happens. I think the flowers turned out nicely. I really enjoyed the bold colours and the stylised aspects of some of the shading. It was an excellent and immensely satisfying project.

I'm glad to be finished because I need to get to work on a project with a deadline, and I didn't want the nasturtiums hanging around waiting to be completed. I have enough in-progress projects already!


  1. Really lovely!

  2. So beautiful and so is Suki!

  3. Wow, that is beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful finish, that last photo with the real flowers really shows how realistic your embroidery is :) It was so neat to see your progress photos and watch the flower develop (I'm sure Suki was simply exhausted by so much interesting stitching!) and its amazing to see needlepainting in action like this!

  5. Your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you, all, for the kind comments. I'm glad I could share it with everyone. I'm very happy with the way the nasturtiums turned out. It was a great project and I highly recommend it. Oh, and Suki recommends it, too! :-) She's looking forward to causing more trouble with the bead embroidery project.

  7. You are such a beautiful stitcher. This looks really stunning. Well done!

  8. You can hardly tell the difference between the stitched nasturtiums and the real ones. Wonderful photo! Beautiful cat too.

  9. What a lovely project! I really like the bold colour changes; a real 'must-try-too' :). Thank you for sharing!

  10. I agree with Lyn—it's hard to tell the difference between the stitched and real flowers. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl!

  11. Really turned out beautiful!