Autumn 2022: Google ended its email subscription service last year. I believe I've found a replacement, but haven't had time to test it. Given current demands on my time. I won't be posting again until I have a replacement. (I have been stitching a little bit and look forward to sharing my newest projects when the subscription service is active again.)

26 June 2020

Thread Painting Basics: Flower Bud

With the leaves completed on Trish Burr's Red Alpine Rose, the next element to be embroidered is the bud. We are still working from background to foreground and the bud sits behind the flower.

Outline for needlepainted flower bud prior to stitching

19 June 2020

Thread Painting Basics: Leaves and Stems

Right before the virus lockdown, I had started making plans to teach a beginning thread painting piece to a stitching friend. She had picked out a project from Trish Burr's book, Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners, and we were in the process of sourcing some ground fabric. Then the lockdown hit and we were unable to get together in person.

Recently, she has decided to start working on the project and I have provided some feedback via email. I thought that there might be others interested in following along, so here we go.     

The project is Red Alpine Rose.

Beginning a Trish Burr needlepainting project: Red Alpine Rose