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07 April 2017

A Little Burr-y Trifle

One of my favourite embroidery books is Trish Burr's Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners. It has lots of small, elegant projects that are just right when I need something relaxing or quick. It's like a delectable box of chocolates. Every project has something to recommend it, but none of the pieces is overwhelming especially if you're a beginner to thread painting.

I recently needed a quick-to-set-up project and decided on the Iceberg Rosebud. It's a tiny little flower with a classic, gorgeous Burr colour palette of roses and soft, natural greens.

I'm using this piece to try out Trish's new Belgian linen fabric which will be a welcome relief after the challenge of stitching on the unfriendly-to-surface-embroidery summer flowers table runner fabric!

The stem and leaves come first. The linen is somewhat sheer. You can just about make out one of my parked threads heading off to the upper left. (Click on the image for a larger version.) I definitely won't be travelling on the back of this project. I am enjoying stitching on the fabric. It has a nice feel and I also like that I can see the weave. I generally like a little character in my embroidery fabric.

I'm pleased with how the sepals turned out. I think they have a pretty good coloured pencil effect.

All that's left is the rosebud and some thorns which shouldn't be too difficult.


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