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08 September 2017

Crawling Crewel

I like this little Elsa Williams crewel sampler, but it's taking way too long to make progress. I think I should have been done with it ages ago! I feel like I'm crawling.

I enjoyed stitching the most recently finished motif. It has purple which is always good!

Crewel Sampler (by Elsa Williams): Blue trellis

I bought a second kit which came with a colour picture of the finished piece. I'm beginning to think that my first kit never had a colour picture and might be quite a bit older than I originally thought, perhaps from the early 1960s.

The kit is fairly easy to find on ebay and it's not usually very expensive.

Crewel Sampler (by Elsa Williams): Colour photo of original version

The other reason I bought a second kit was to obtain more yarn. I wanted to play with colours and change some of the stitches, but didn't think I had enough yarn in the original kit for experimentation.

I changed the motif below a bit from the original instructions. The image on the left is what it's supposed to look like.

I did buttonhole rather than satin stitch on the light blue edge, changed the trellis from the darkest blue to medium blue with dark blue tie-downs, and slightly adjusted the colours and added little rounded ends to the purple sticky-outy things along the stem.

I have a new helper. Here he is on his first day on the job. He hasn't quite learned yet that when I pull yarn through fabric it's not an invitation to play.

Crewel Sampler (by Elsa Williams): Siamese kitten (Koji) helping

The current status isn't especially exciting, but it's coming along.

Crewel Sampler (by Elsa Williams): Beginning to work the central motif

Switching to the squared hoop has proved helpful. It fits just right.


  1. Does your new helper have a name?

    1. Yes, he is Koji. He's a rescue and I think he's about 5-6 months old. I have his sister, Suki, as well, but she doesn't sit still long enough to help with embroidery yet.

  2. Love your new helper! Sounds like he is a free spirit and does what feels right! 😸
    Oh, and the stitching looks great. Really like the changes you made. Makes it look more flowing and clean. 😊

  3. I just saw a puddy-tat.... : )