Hello and welcome to the Sharp Needler.

My name is Margaret Cobleigh* and I am an 'off-the-grid', sharp needle-wielding left-handed hand embroiderer. Over the last several years I have greatly enjoyed reading the embroidery adventures of many stitchers from all over the world. I thought it was time to stop lurking and share my projects as well.

I am primarily self-taught and have been embroidering since I was a child way back in the 20th century. I learned surface embroidery stitches from the instructions in commercial needlework kits. (I'm not sure I'd recommend that as a learning method for a beginner!) In spite of that I became a decent surface embroiderer.

In the early part of this century I began taking classes and have been exposed to all sorts of interesting techniques, tips, and tricks from various teachers. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from these gifted individuals. My embroidery improved with every class.

I have had several opportunities to teach including a couple of classes on Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread (the best embroidery site on the Web). I have also taught classes for my local EGA chapter Muchas Manos de San Diego.

You might be wondering what an 'off-the-grid' embroiderer is. Well, to me that means that I don't work on gridded designs so you won't find projects involving cross stitch or needlepoint here. They have never fallen into my interest area although I always enjoy seeing what others do with these techniques. I know nothing about thread counts and I almost always use a sharp needle! What I plan to share are various projects that encompass my embroidery interests including surface embroidery, goldwork, stumpwork, etc. I am very interested in adaptation especially of antique designs particularly from the Society Silk era and also the occasional original piece. I prefer and generally work with natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen, and especially silk.

Please join me on my ongoing embroidery journey. I welcome your comments/questions on my projects either via blog comments or email.

* Pronounced COBB-lee.