05 May 2017

Burr Iceberg Rosebud Complete

After some fussing with the final shading and shadows the Burgundy Iceberg Rosebud (designed by Trish Burr) is complete (and no whiteout in sight).

When we last saw the rosebud only the main flower petal had yet to be stitched. That was completed and this time I did the bottom 'glow' to my satisfaction on the first try.

I didn't like the way to two forward petals had no separation; they needed some sort of shadow line between them.

I also still had to do the shadowing on the furthest back petal. I waited to do that at the end on purpose even though it would have been easier to stitch before the middle petal went in. I like doing shadows at the end whenever possible and I figured I could slip the shadow lines in without too much problem if I worked slowly and carefully.

First up, though, was tackling the separation between the two front petals. I ended up slipping in a couple stitches of darker shades as I went down the petal in order to create some contrast. Once the dividing line was complete I put in the shadows on the back petal.

The bud at extreme close-up. Almost done...

The final touches were the thorns on the stem and that completed the rose. The photos of the rose are a bit misleading. They are all larger than the actual piece which is only 3" (~7.6 cm) high.

It was a lovely project as I would expect from a Trish Burr design. I think the sepals are still my favourite part.

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