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15 December 2017

Embroidering with Light

The best thread painting results are not achieved with flat filament silks. I prefer a less blingy thread--cotton or spun silk--for most shaded work. The antique silk threads I'm using on the Society Silk violet project, which are essentially flat filament silks, are extremely reflective.

Society Silk Violets: embroidered violets with some refelctive antique silk thread

08 December 2017

Nasturtiums on the Go

A bouquet of floss, a new needle, a hoop, and a freshly drawn design means only one thing: a new project!

Catherine Laurencon Capucines (Inspirations): getting ready to embroider some nasturtiums

01 December 2017

Fine Lines

One thing I've noticed on Society Silk embroideries is that there is an unending array of edge treatments. Except for some of the simpler edges, I don't think I've seen the same edge design twice!

Society Silk Violets: variety of edges on extant Society Silk examples
Examples of Society Silk edges