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26 November 2020


I've finished one more hare from Jenny McWhinney's Queen Anne's Lace set of accessories. This one is on the back of the travelling work station.

This is Jenny's original:

Queen Anne's Lace Travelling Work Station
(Back) by Jenny McWhinney

I managed to stitch this hare in one marathon session in a single day. I was only going to work for a couple of hours, but ended up stitching for nearly eleven! I was looking after my two kittens who had been spayed the day before. The girls climbed in my lap just as I was finishing the intial two hours and went to sleep. I didn't want to disturb them, so kept on stitching. Yes, the cats run the house, and, yes, they slept for several hours! (They are both doing fine, by the way.)

This is a very simple hare since it's just his head. I did a few of the flower stems, then started on the head:

Beginning to embroider the second hare from Jenny McWhinney's Queen Anne's Lace

Filling in:

Embroidery progressing on hare from Jenny McWhinney's Queen Anne's Lace

Finished enough for now:

Embroidered hare is mostly complete along with flowers (Jenny McWhinney's Queen Anne's Lace)

He's a cutie. I stitched this hare (and the flowers) the same way I stitched the first one including the embroidered eye. I'm pleased with how his eye turned out. The highlight is nice!

This is Jenny's descriptions of the two hares on the work station:

The front features a young hare jumping through the flowers and on the back he’s deciding which ones to eat first.

Another view of the embroidered hare from Jenny McWhinney's Queen Anne's Lace. All the embroidered flowers are finished.

As with the first hare, this one needs a few more tweaks, but he's resting for now. On to the next hare....


  1. I'm glad you had something to occupy you while you were being a cat cushion!

  2. I really love it. Doing great, and yes, kitties rule!

    1. Thank you. It was good to accomplish something *and* have the cats around. They are often mutually exclusive.