01 September 2017

The Berlin Bunny

Embroidery designer Tanja Berlin has a wonderful thread painting kit called Wild Rabbit. I remember when she first started showing photos of the design as a work-in-progress. I asked her many times when it would become available as a kit. Unfortunately, for me, the rabbit was a teaching project so couldn't be released as a kit until the classes had run their course. I waited very impatiently and it felt like decades!

In 2010, Tanja taught the rabbit at the EGA National Seminar in San Francisco and I was lucky enough to get into the class. In addition to finally having the opportunity to stitch the rabbit I was able to take a class with Tanja and she's a terrific teacher!

Wild Rabbit (Tanja Berlin's original)
The rabbit is one of my absolutely favourite embroidery designs ever and definitely one of those projects that I didn't want to end. It's a terrific design, I learned something new, and it was a pure pleasure to stitch.

Everything about the design and kit was well-done. Tanja produces excellent and thorough instructions. If you are looking for a beginning thread painting project Tanja's kits would be a good place to start.

The most interesting part of stitching the rabbit was creating its undercoat and then applying stitched 'fluffies' on top. Fluffies are straight stitches in a lighter colour. The technique creates a nicely realistic look and adds depth to the embroidery. (This was the new thing that I learned.)

Here's the rabbit with his undercoat complete and ready for 'fluffies'.

I don't know why, but I like his ears best. The colours chosen for the shading are especially nice.

The dandelions were not drawn on the fabric. The embroiderer places them where they like. I added a few extras, partly because I thought my bunny seemed a bit overfed. He needed extra food!

My completed 'Berlin Bunny'. 

I wouldn't mind stitching him again. The only quibble I have with the kit is that the ground fabric is muslin. It's a lovely muslin--Southern Belle, I believe--but I would like to have him stitched on linen. Tanja sells kits that you can transfer yourself so I could re-stitch the bunny, but I like this one so much I can't really see myself embroidering him again.

Now, if I could find him. I have a frame all ready to go, but I can't find the bunny!

I'm sure he'll show up one of these days. He surely can't have gone far.



  1. Buuunnnnnieeeess! I love this little guy. Thanks for the explanation of 'fluffies', too. His fur amazes me. The dandelions and greenery embrace him and make me think of seeing him for just a moment on a slightly foggy morning. Beautiful work, and well done! You need to find this little bunny so we can see him again. -- Sandy

  2. Tanja's designs are so beautiful and this one is no exception! You have done such a lovely job of finishing him off. I certainly hope he turns up soon - definitely frame worthy!