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06 May 2020

More Bees, Please

I have succumbed to temptation. Again! Lorna Bateman has just designed a scissors keeper to match her Lavender and Bees pincushion that I recently stitched. How could I resist? Besides, my pincushion needs a scissors keeper to keep it company.

Completed Lorna Bateman embroidered lavender and bees pincushion with photos of newly released coordinating scissors keeper

What really caught my eye in this design is the asymmetrical curve on the front pocket and the way the lavender and bees above balance that curve. I might have been able to resist if not for that!

As with the pincushion, the scissors keeper is embroidered with Chameleon hand-dyed perlé threads. Because dye lots vary, the threads that came with the scissors keeper are a little different from the threads I used on the pincushion. I would prefer that the two items match as much as possible. I have enough green left over from the pincushion kit and possibly enough purple to stitch the scissors keeper. If not, I can mix a little of the new purple in with the old.

Hand dyed threads used on embroidered Lorna Bateman Lavender and Bees pincushion compared with threads in newly purchased coordinating scissors keeper.

There isn't a lot of embroidery on the scissors keeper so I expect it will stitch up very quickly. It's primarily composed of many, many bullions, stem stitch, and a few lazy daisies. This would be another good project on which to learn and practice bullions, just like the pincushion.

Here's the lavender spray at the top:

Embroider spray of lavender spray at top of Lorna Bateman Laveneder and Bees scissors keeper
I wondered if I would have enough of the pincushion lavender thread to stitch the bunch of flowers on the front.

Lavender threads left from Lorna Bateman Lavender and Bees pincushion. Hoping there are enought left to use them on the coordinating scissors keeper.

I expected the lavender bunch on the front to turn out more airy and I didn't like it at first. I left it alone for a few days and it grew on me. I'm happier with it now.

Completed bunch of lavender for front of Lorna Bateman Lavender and Bees Scissors Keeper.

I still have a fair amount of the pincushion lavender thread left after stitching the bunch, so all is good!

Once the bees showed up, the front and inside back were nearly complete:

Complete front and inside back of Lorna Bateman Lavender and Bees Scissors Keeper

This is most of the required stitching and if one stopped at this point and did the finishing, it's a very quick and easy project. However, I'm going to make more work for myself.

I want to figure out some sort of tie for the lavender bunch on the front, how I'm going to sign the back, and what to do about a fob. Then, I can get to the finishing. Fortunately, I think I have enough original purple left.



  1. Your lavender is beautiful! I'm still not confident with Bullions, although this would certainly be a good project to practice them on :) Maybe a stitched bow on the stems? The ribbon on the original is a lovely touch but I'm not sure how well it would wear with you. You'll have a gorgeous set!

    1. Thank you. It would definitely be a good project for bullions. The great thing about using lavender as the practice item is that the bullions don't have to be perfect. Since it's a plant, some randomness looks good.

      I, too, liked the ribbon, but I know that if I were to use the scissors keeper, having something loose on the front probably wouldn't hold up very well. I need something stitched that stays in place.

  2. I quite often leave something I'm doubtful about for a few days. It either crystallizes what's wrong, or tells me it's right!

    1. Yes, 'walking away' is one of my favourite embroidery techniques! It solves a lot of problems, or things you think are problems, but aren't. ;-)