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02 June 2017

Disturbing Grass

The Butcher birch tree project is moving along. After the tree came the grass.

Really, really long grass.

The darker grass towards the front went in first. The instructions call for it to be stitched in 2 different shades and not blended so it comes out stripey and, did I mention really, really long?

Under the Silver Birch (designed by Jo Butcher): Background grass completed

I know that there will be a lot of stitching on top of the grass, but I still find it uncomfortable having those really long stitches. I keep having visions of the hoop falling off (yeah, like that's going to happen!) and the stitches going floppy or, more likely, catching the long stitches with my needle as I'm stitching some other element and snagging the grass.

So far, so good. They're behaving, but I don't trust them.

The lighter-coloured grass behind the grass in the front was also supposed to be stitched as separate colours (i.e., stripes), but I wanted to see what would happen if I blended the colours as I stitched and, frankly, I prefer it. I wish I had done that with the darker grass section, but I suspect it won't matter by the time the piece is finished.

After the grass came some purple bits. It was very straightforward with fly stitches, French knots and bullions.

Under the Silver Birch (designed by Jo Butcher): Adding some purple flowers

I stitched the bullions at night with inadequate lighting. I could barely see them as I was making them. When I looked at them the next morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that they weren't horrible. I must be getting better at bullions because I basically stitched these by feel.

Here's the current status of the piece.

Under the Silver Birch (designed by Jo Butcher): Purple flowers complete

Next up are some flowers that sit on top of the dark grass which will start anchoring down the threads. I can't wait!

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